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The Bi-Annual Ottawa PugFest was originally named the Ottawa Pugnic.

The Pugnic was started by Susan Beyer in 1999. Her pug, Tiberius, wanted to make new friends. So began the Ottawa Pugnic.

It ran safely and successfully for 7 years and raised over $800 for Friends of Abandoned Pets.

Then, in September of 2006, Susan turned over the running of the bi-annual event to Anne Moreside because her beloved Tiberius became ill with diabetes and cataracts.

Tiberius is doing fine now and attends the event to stay in touch with all his pug pals.

When Susan decided to no longer host the Pugnic, she asked for a name change to release her from any responsibilities associated with future events. In May of 2007, the Pugnic was renamed the Bi-Annual Ottawa PugFest.

The bi-annual event has grown in popularity over the years and now includes pug games and events and prizes for the pug fur babies.

We all gather at the Dog Park at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa twice a year. It is the last Sunday in May and September each year. We meet for two hours from 10:00a.m. to noon. We talk "pugs", play pug games, award prizes, and, since the park is totally fenced in, we let the pugs run loose!

At each event, there may be anywhere from fifty to over one hundred pugs in attendance!