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Hello to All You Pug Pals!

It’s time for the next Bi-Annual Ottawa PugFest!

Date: Sunday September 30, 2007

Time: 10:00am to Noon

Place: Dog Park at Landsdowne Park

A map is available here

We now have a Web Site thanks to our Pug Pal, Jeannie Nikolic, who put in the time and energy to create it for us – all for free! Thanks Jeannie!

Genevieve tells me that there will be lots of samples and prizes to give away! We even have a sponsor for our PugFest! Bark & Fitz will be the sponsor for The Ottawa Bi-Annual PugFest.! They will come with a table and their banner and will have loot bags with goodies to give to every pug present at the PugFest.

We have also received a wonderful gift to give away as a prize from the Barking Biscuits.

There will also be a fashion show where pugs will walk down an alley and pose dressed with either clothes or fashion harnesses. The fashion show is to show the first prizes for the games. How great is that! All part of Bark and Fitz’s sponsorship – WOW!

We have received some awesome things to win as prizes. The 1st Grand prize will be a photo shoot with a professional photographer (200$ value) and the 2nd Grand prize will be a Bowser Pug Bed (retail value of 125$). Remember – you have to be present to win a prize.

Each person registering upon their arrival will have the opportunity to donate to UNDER MY WING - Pug Rescue. Genevieve has been doing an awesome job of finding “forever homes” for our rescued pugs. All donations go towards making sure the Pugs are safe and sound when they get a new home.

Remember to bring your camera’s to take lots of pictures of the fur babies so we can post them on our Web Site. Also – bring along some water – all that play makes the Pugs thirsty! Maybe a chair if you want to “sit for a bit”.

One of the contests is going to be a “neckerchief contest”. Now, I don’t want you to dress up your Pugs – just have them wearing a prize winning (you hope) neckerchief or collar. A secret judge will pick the winner.

And, of course, a secret judge for the cutest wrinkles.

The rest of the games will include the “Pug Race” – a favourite of the Pugs, along with a few new games that I have come up with. The two hours are going to be packed with fun stuff for our Puggies! So, don’t be late or you and your Puggies will miss out on some of the fun and games.

I hope we get great weather this time. BUT, I do not want the confusion of the Spring Pugfest to happen again. Let’s be very clear about a rain date this time. If there is A CHANCE OF RAIN (more than 50%) - we will postpone to Sunday October 14th. The Sunday after our original Pugfest date is the long weekend of Thanksgiving - so we will postpone to the 14th this time.

In an effort to help keep our pugs happy & healthy, we respectfully ask that anyone with a pug who might be sick to please leave them at home and that your Pug is at lease three months old to attend....